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The 6th Episode – Humans of ArtEZ (HoA) is now released!

The 6th “Human of ArtEZ” interviewed by ISC is: Kristina Miltcheva, from Bulgaria-Canada, Study Bachelor Graphic Design, Arnhem. She speaks 5 languages, has lived in 8 countries and has visited 61 countries!


1. Q & A

Q1: Who are you? 

A1: I am Kristina. I speak 5 languages, have lived in 8 countries and have visited 61 countries.  I am 30 years old! In my class, there are students who are 16, but you know what – I decided that if I don’t attempt to become an artist and designer, I will forever regret not taking this chance! So, I am an adult returning student, re-entering the education system which I plan to flood with my creative passion.

No one will say at my funeral: ‘’Too bad, she had great potential.’’

Q2: What is the craziest thing you have done?

A2: I actually attempt to always be outside of the norm. As an artist I tend to stray from conformity. The craziest thing recently was my improvised trip to Georgia and Azerbaijan. I didn’t plan any accommodation, I didn’t check the time zones or exchange money, I didn’t look up what to visit or how to get places – I just went. And it all worked out. I have so many adventures and stories from this trip! If anyone is reading this, here is a piece of advice – JUST GO.

You can read more about this adventure on

Q3: If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask? 

A3: Date, Time and Location of when Aliens finally come to visit us.

Q4: Are you working on Other Projects?

A4: Indeed! I have been writing a book (dystopian novel) for 2 years now. Besides drawing, I also write short stories, travel articles and poems. I also try to do some business online but let’s say – technology isn’t my friend. I like swimming and dancing – if you could call these projects 😀.

Q5: Could you tell a memorable story/moment of your life by now?

A5: I have moved around so much that I feel like I have lived 5 lives already. I lived in Bulgaria, Canada, Italy, Norway, Laos, South Africa and Czech Republic. During my trips, I experienced a lot of incredible moments. But one specific moment defined time for me and separated it into Before and After: admiring the supreme beauty of Iguassu Falls on the Argentina/ Paraguay/ Brazil border.

Q6: When you’re having a bad day, how do you make yourself feel better? 

A6: I watch two very uplifting Facebook video channels: Ozzy man Reviews and Funny in Public. Other things that will 100% make you smile are The Office or That 70’s show funny compilations.  Forcing a smile also works very well to trick the mind.

And, of course, always repeat to yourself that tough times don’t last but tough people do.

Q7: What are you good at?

A7: I am good at creating my own world … designing and shaping it according to the flipping frequency of moods in my brain.

I am really inventive when it comes to drawing aliens, making up games on the spot or connecting people.

I have an embedded radar for amazing deals (I furnished my room for free here!).

I am great at not giving up and forming my own judgement regardless of what the popular opinion is.

Q8: What was your last most memorable experience with art? Why?

A8: There is a gallery in Prague hosted in an abandoned automobile factory – Pragovka.

It’s a quirky, transformed, massive art space with artists’ ateliers, endless dark corridors and hallways. Somewhere inside, if you manage to find your way, is also a gallery! I adored Ales Zapletal’s sculptures. He created a set of future ruins of popular modern architecture buildings. He used vases, discarded construction materials and plants. The whole exhibition was focused on the current environmental crisis and how it will change tomorrow’s weather. Google those if you get a chance! They are unbelievably well made and the staff waters them regularly.

Q9: Which movie is your favorite, and why?

A9: My favorite movie is Big Fish. I love the fantasy elements mixed with real life. At some point the border between those two universes becomes undetectable. My favorite show is The Orville – I love the futuristic technologies, strange creatures and silly dark humor!

Q10: What is your favorite Super Hero?

A10: I love the Xmen movies and my favorite mutant is Mystique. She can become anyone! I love Halloween and creating costumes so I attempted this, but sweating blue paint in the club was not my brightest idea.


2. Please briefly introduce the programme you study

Kristina (K): I just joined Graphic Design in the first year. I studied event planning and business marketing before. I also worked in IT a few years. But I never abandoned the dream and I never stopped creating.  So far, my study program is everything I envisioned (minus the endless extra costs for materials). We have practical coding and software courses combined with art research and experimentation. The most important course for me this year will be Visual Language. It’s truly making us focus on the journey, not the destination. It will also help to discover and shape our own voice as designers and give structure to our ideas.


3. Please briefly introduce the culture of your home country

K: I have two home countries! I was born in Bulgaria which is quite chaotic, mafia ran and regulations are not very respected. It’s a country where appearances matter a lot! But Bulgarians are also very warm, welcoming, intelligent and approachable. Being raised there has instilled in me family values, a direct way of communication and resourcefulness. My second country and where my family lives is Canada. Canada is the polar opposite. It’s a calm place where rules are strict and people keep more to themselves. To me, being Canadian means to be humble and strategically forward thinking.


4. You get an opportunity to showcase your works/melodies/designs/cv here if you would like to

K: Absolutely! You can check out more at my IG: unchecked_art


5. (Optional) You can nominate the next interviewee (the only condition is the next should be from another department and another country) and ask a question to the next interviewee if you’d like to.

K: I nominate Gulben Abduraman in Fashion. I want to ask her:

Question: What Would Be The Absolute Worst Name You Could Give Your Child?


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